Outdoor Paver Patios

Homeowners are often unsure of how to maximize their outdoor living space in both a functional and aesthetically pleasing way. A paver patio is a great way to maximize unused space in your yard into a welcoming and beautiful outdoor living space where friends and family can gather for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a simple patio or a large and elaborate outdoor patio, fireplace and kitchen the professionals at J. Kelly can help you every step of the way to design your dream outdoor living space. Contact us for a free estimate and design consultation and see what we can do for you!

Why a paver patio when stamped concrete is cheaper…

  • Pavers can easily be taken up and put back down to install or repair underground utilities where a whole section of stamped concrete must be jackhammered out, intensively removed, and the replacement will never match the existing color or style
  • Paver patios provide great traction when wet where stamped concrete is extremely slippery and hazardous especially to children during times when it wet
  • Pavers patios withstand New England winter months due to the fact that they do not heave, sink, or crack if installed correctly where even if stamped concrete is installed correctly they still have a high potential to expand, crack, or deteriorate leaving replacement costs high and the replacement will never match existing color or style

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